Ramadan Mubarak


(This is an article i wrote to educate people about Ramadan and have submitted it to my University magazine, inshallah they agree to publish it. So i thought i’d also post it here 🙂 )

Al Salamu Alayakum (Which means Peace be upon everyone),

On Thursday 11th July Muslims in New Zealand began celebrating the Holy month of Ramadan. Now for those of you who know what Ramadan is, good on you!
For those of you who don’t, no worries! I thought I’d write this article to let people know and understand the beauty of Ramadan.

Ramadan takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar (Yes, there is an Islamic Calendar called the ‘Hijri Calendar’ 😀 ).

In this blessed month we must refrain ourselves from many things such as eating, drinking, smoking, and having sexual intercourse with partners (should be easy for the forever aloners) during daylight hours. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, where they can break their fast, usually by eating a date according to Sunnah (that’s right, guys, that’s the only kind of date we get every year!) This teaches Muslims about patience, spiritually, humility and Submissiveness to God.

By fasting, or not eating, it allows us to experience and feel what the poor are feeling but Ramadan is about much more than that, too! In Ramadan you must stop yourself from performing any evil action and in that way your whole body observes the fast.

Here’s how:

Eyes: Should refrain yourself from looking at unlawful things and objects.

Ears: Must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words (like songs that promote bad language and bad actions).

Lips:  Must refrain yourself from gossiping, backbiting, swearing, spreading lies, you must use your words for the better good.

Hand: Must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it and must not inflict injury upon others.

Feet: Must not go to forbidden places (Bars, etc.)

Ramadan helps clear the persons mind and focus on the important things in life rather than on worldly and materialistic things/objects. Muslims always use this Holy month to donate as much money as they can to the less fortunate, as well as provide food to others during iftar time( Iftar: when you break your fast). Muslims try our best to read the Holy Quran fully during this month as it is an extremely uplifting experience (Advice to the Muslims out there: Five pages after every prayer will allow you finish the Holy Quran within a month). Reading the Quran, whether it may be the 1st time, 2nd time, hundredth time, always teaches us new things and reminds us of several essential lessons as it has so much meaning and depth in it.

The cool thing about Ramadan is it could really better anyone, Muslim or non Muslim, so if this sounds nteresting to you, you should try it out!

Also, Hamilton Masjid (Mosque) in Rototuna (240 Thomas Road) will be holding iftar there on weekends for whoever wants to go along and have some delicious –probably Middle Eastern- food for iftar!
We don’t really have anyone running our Waikato Muslim Club here on campus so if anyone is interested in finding out more about Islam contact this email (email removed for privacy) or you can always shout “AL SALAMU ALAYKUM, BROTHER (or SISTER)!” to any Middle Eastern looking individual on campus and ask them 🙂

So to All the Muslims out there, RAMADAN MUBARAK AND HAPPY FASTING 😀 May this Ramadan bring peace, justice and respect in all corners of the world, inshallah Ameen!






Hello everyone,

i know some are probably like, “oh this girl still uses wordpress?” I do! 😀

I’ve just been really busy moving cities and starting Uni and juggling five papers per semester and Law school isnt exactly a walk on the beach. Its more like a rollercoaster that has a lot of bumps and emotions. When i say emotions i mean when you sit their going over the same line and thinking, “Why am i so stupid? I cant understand any of this!” Anyhoo, its only been barely over a month so inshallah khair 😀 Hoping for the best, eh.

I’ll write my next post now and upload it as soon as i finis 

Blog to you soon

Apologies and Overview

Okay, first i’d like to apologize that i havent written in over a month, i’ve just been super busy with alot of things!

A few things i have done:


In December 

In December, i ended up going to Spookers which is a haunted house in the middle of nowhere and it was terrifying. Basically you enter a house and have people chasing after you and its just altogether really scary. And then you enter a forest at night and the same thing happens and i could not stop yelling.
Heres a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipw3Aqh6hqg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyyGo_ZJiGE
I didnt even know we were going so imagine my shock when they stopped in front of it and they told me i had to go in. But i recommend it to everyone and i would definitely go again if i could!

During the late night we continued our way to Hamilton and stayed over for the night and the next day went to Hamilton gardens.
And this is no particular order now, we went berry picking at Julians Berry Farm in Whakatane (must go if you ever visit that area) and made delish smoothies. 

We visited Rotorua and rode the Swoop at Agroventures (You wont regret this!), we also went to Paradise Valley- an interactive zoo. The animals were adorable and super friendly. 
We visit the thermal areas in Rotorua and it was pretty scary. Actually put my hand in one of the water pools on the ground and it was boiling hot! 

Alot of fishing and bbquing! We did alot of fishing, even though we didnt catch anything, it was super fun!

In January, i rode the flying fox for the first time and could not stop yelling the whole time. 
I had to dress up as a devil and perform a skit in front of heaps of people i dont even know. 

And during the end of January, i visited the beautiful point wells for three days. Everyone must visit this beautiful place!



And now its February and so a new post to follow up soon! 

Sorry for all the lost time. Busy busy busy