Apologies and Overview

Okay, first i’d like to apologize that i havent written in over a month, i’ve just been super busy with alot of things!

A few things i have done:


In December 

In December, i ended up going to Spookers which is a haunted house in the middle of nowhere and it was terrifying. Basically you enter a house and have people chasing after you and its just altogether really scary. And then you enter a forest at night and the same thing happens and i could not stop yelling.
Heres a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipw3Aqh6hqg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyyGo_ZJiGE
I didnt even know we were going so imagine my shock when they stopped in front of it and they told me i had to go in. But i recommend it to everyone and i would definitely go again if i could!

During the late night we continued our way to Hamilton and stayed over for the night and the next day went to Hamilton gardens.
And this is no particular order now, we went berry picking at Julians Berry Farm in Whakatane (must go if you ever visit that area) and made delish smoothies. 

We visited Rotorua and rode the Swoop at Agroventures (You wont regret this!), we also went to Paradise Valley- an interactive zoo. The animals were adorable and super friendly. 
We visit the thermal areas in Rotorua and it was pretty scary. Actually put my hand in one of the water pools on the ground and it was boiling hot! 

Alot of fishing and bbquing! We did alot of fishing, even though we didnt catch anything, it was super fun!

In January, i rode the flying fox for the first time and could not stop yelling the whole time. 
I had to dress up as a devil and perform a skit in front of heaps of people i dont even know. 

And during the end of January, i visited the beautiful point wells for three days. Everyone must visit this beautiful place!



And now its February and so a new post to follow up soon! 

Sorry for all the lost time. Busy busy busy 



Well my friends,

Christmas Holidays are here, and I cant promise i’ll be writing anytime soon because i’m leaving town for a week and spending it with my sister and brother in law.

So today we’ll be driving for an hour and a half to a city and staying over and then tomorrow we’ll drive for another two hours to their town and stay for another 6 days.

I have no idea what they planned for me.

This is the text i got.

“Prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Looks like adventure time is near.

Happy Holidays,

An Excited Teen