Unleash your Kindness, not bitterness

Short post, that I initially posted on my facebook account and thought i’d share here too.
Here it goes:


Not trying to be cliche or cheesy or anything but something i have been noticing often these days is how people have to make themselves feel better by indirectly or even sometimes directly insulting others. Yes, yes, its all fun and games and jokes when you mention a comment here and there but sometimes there is a fine line.
This post isnt about me or about anyone is specific, its just something i have been noticing and it is really getting on my nerves.
Calling yourself prettier, fitter, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc than the person you are talking to could be really hurtful.
Yes of course there are people who are confident about themselves and will shrug if off, but have you ever thought that, i dont know maybe, just maybe, some people actually suffer from low self esteem and are already struggling with social anxiety because of how they feel about themselves and how negatively they think that people think of them, too?
If you are confident then props to you, really, thats awesome! But heres the difference between someones genuineness and someone just being a dick:
“Eating healthy isnt so tough, i can give you some easy recipes to try if you want.” awesome
” You need the exercise.” “I have never seen you at a time where you weren’t eating.” “At least i dont have to gym as much as you do.” what the actual hell…i know, i’ve heard it, it happens.
Why is it so difficult to be encouraging to someone about something they are struggling with rather than hurting them?
We honestly live in a society where pointing out each others flaws has become a social norm, a way of communication, a bond that brings some people together and it is incredibly sad.

Also another thing, we have a saying in Arabic (i know my Arab friends reading this will think i am such a fob, but i know you guys get what im getting at) which translates to: “If you knock on the door, then expect an answer.”
Meaning, dont you go around pointing the flaws of others and being mean and rude and selfish and then get so upset and hurt when someone does it back to you.
If you call someone ugly, then you have absolutely no right to get all pissed off and offended when someone says something negative about you.
Not sorry for this long az post (that i know most wont even read) because all i am trying to say is, when you think you are better than someone else, bite your tongue and think of something great about them.
When you think someone has something that you dont like, then bite your tongue a hundred times again and think of ten things that are lovely about them.

Rant, over.


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